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Red Seal Hash


Red Seal Hash is one of the most loved cannabis concentrates and eminent. This black hashish is assumed as a standard in the hashish game. It has its origins in Afghanistan, and it is made with skills and love, utilized for decades. You can also get your hands on this popular hash from our dispensary at affordable prices based on the quantity.

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How is Red Seal Hash Produced?

Canadians love hashish, and Red Seal Hash is one of the most popular hash varieties produced practically everywhere in and around the world. It originated from the Northern provinces between the Hindu Kush and the Russian border. Small and bushy Indicas are utilized to produce hashish, like this one. However, Afghanis press hash using their hands after adding a small amount of tea or water. Next, it is made elastic and acquires an intense aromatic smell. Then, it is stored in Hash-Balls form. Finally, before it is shipped, hashish is pressed into slabs.

Ways to Consume Red Seal Hash:

Here are different ways you can consume this hash:

  1. Using a Joint: You can crush it and add it to your joint while rolling it. You can either mix your hash with tobacco or weed for consumption.
  2. Using a Pipe or a Bong: Consuming it via a bong will eliminate the toxins and other carcinogens present in smoke, so it is a healthier alternative than rolling this hashish in a joint.
  3. Using a Dab Rig: Red Seal Hash is a concentrate; thus, consuming it with a dab rig is ideal as you dab your shatter or wax. This method is very helpful if you consume your hash fully melted.
  4. Using a Vapourizer: You can even inhale this hash with vape pens. Once you are clear about the instructions to use your vape pen, you can consume this cannabis concentrate healthily.


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