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Black Diamond (THC 26%)


Black Diamond is almost an Indica strain, with around 90% Indica dominance. But that 10% of Sativa still makes it a hybrid strain. The birth of Black Diamond became possible because of the stoners’ favorite Diamond OG and the flavourful Blackberry. Black diamond falls in the category of highly potent THC strains with approximately 26% THC levels. If one wants to grow it in their home, they won’t be able to find its seeds that easily. Black Diamond is usually grown by using the clippings from previously mature plants.

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Black Diamond Effects

Black diamond has a comparatively fast onset as other Indica dominant strains. The high starts to mount with a great uplifting sensation and then tapers towards a deep wave of relaxation. Since the Sativa percentage is too low, you will barely feel any euphoria, and most of the effects will be on the body. Black Diamond has the tendency to take its user into a dreamy world by making their limbs deeply relaxed. The concept of mental lucidity can be understood once you smoke this strain. It allows the user to experience a fully relaxed respiratory system, making them breathe with great comfort.

Black Diamond Appearance and Aroma

You can identify the flower of the black diamond by looking at its large petals and their elongated shape. Like other Indica dominant hybrid strains, Black Diamond also has dense and thick buds. Its leaves are pale green, and the pistils have a slight pale brown shade. It takes its aroma from the father strain Blackberry, which smells like earthy berries. The odour has a minimum effect on its taste, and overall you get a neutral flavour out of Black Diamond.

Medical Uses of Black Diamond

  • Black Diamond strain helps relaxing body muscles, pains, and ailments.
  • You can consider this strain helpful for fatigues and stress disorders.
  • The strong sedating effects of Black Diamond help relieve sleeping disorders.

Product Information

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