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God’s Gift Blonde Hash from the Netherlands is derived from God’s Gift plant.

The production process gives the hash a unique sweet aroma and taste; you may note sweet caramel, a spicy funk, and a classic Amsterdam toffee and pepper when you exhale. It is a very soft blonde hash, meaning it has been pressed with high-quality dry-sift from God’s Gift bud. Dry flowers are sieved to separate the trichomes; the dry powder, which is known as kif or kief, is compressed to form hash.

The appearance is a light blondish-brown colour and a soft, crumbly texture.

The effects of God’s Gift Hash are much like those that come from a joint rolled with the bud – a euphoric relaxation that can lead to sleepiness. The difference is that hash generally brings a more subtle high than weed due to the CBD level. The bud material tends to give hash a complex, rich, and spicy aroma, whether it’s smoked, vaporized, or used in edibles.

God’s Gift Hash is a highly potent Indica; the dried flower can top out at a whopping 27% THC, so you can expect this premium hash to be very potent, too.


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