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Prime AAA Blonde Hash


Prime AAA Blond Hash is a premium quality hash that you can guess from this product’s name. It is rarely available today and has been with our marijuana community for only a few decades. If you are an old user of cannabis, you may know about this cannabis concentrate. It is recognized for its pure and basic high. This yellow hash is also a part of medical studies. If you want to get lost in the old days as a marijuana user, consider buying our blond hash.

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Product Information

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Effects of Prime Blonde Hash

Our Prime AAA Blonde Hash is going to overpower your cerebral nerves and help you get a moderate body high. You can feel its effects after a few minutes of consumption. You will feel moving slow and calm concurrently once its high overwhelms you. A blurry and peaceful environment is what you will sense during its high taking control of your mind and body. In a few words: Its effects are cerebral and stony.

Different Ways of Consumption of Prime AAA Blonde Hash?

You can smoke this hard-earned hash through the following methods:

  1. A Joint or a Cigarette: Crush your block and add it while preparing your joint.
  2. Pipe or a Bong: This cannabis concentrate is friendly to the lungs with a moderate-high if used with a pipe or a bong.
  3. Hookah: Shisha is the Middle-Eastern style to smoke this hash with a room for more than one person.
  4. Vaping: It is a convenient way to smoke this hashish.
  5. Dabbing: You can easily dab this concentrate identical to wax and shatter.

Aroma and Taste of Prime AAA Blonde Hash

The aroma of this cannabis concentrate is spicy and refreshing. Moreover, it tastes spicier and harsher than the red hash, having quite an acquired flavour.

Prime AAA Blonde Hash can help you get relief from the following conditions:

  • Insomnia
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Pain
  • Lack of Appetite


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