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Detailed Product Information

Wizard Stones World Class Diamonds are a full spectrum 1.5 gm Tobacco Free Blunt.

AAAA strain joint soaked with strain-specific clear terp sauce and then infused with Diamonds.

What are Diamonds you ask???

When cannabinoids are purified and isolated under the right conditions they can form crystalline solids—these concentrates have earned the name “diamonds.” These concentrates tend to be more expensive because of the amount of labor needed to create them, due to their extremely high level of purity.

Treat yourself with a rich slow burn that relaxes your body and lifts up your mind. Wizard Stones World Class Diamonds are potent and pungent strain that tends to creep up on you, hitting you with a long-lasting head-and-body high that gives you enough energy to get through your day – while also relaxing your body and providing tasty balance in a creamy cloud.

Product Information

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