Can Cannabis Help with ADHD in London?


There has been a longstanding link between ADHD and increased cannabis use and abuse of other drugs such as alcohol and nicotine. According to many doctors, this has led them to assume that treating ADHD with cannabis might be harmful rather than helpful. However, some patients say that cannabis gives them a feeling of being…

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How to Make Hash in Your Home in London


Cannabis growers may be interested in finding additional ways to make use of their harvest. It is a good idea to make hash. You may be confused by the process of making hashish from trimmings if you have never heard of it or comprehended its many benefits.  However, it is quite straightforward to make a…

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Differences Between Hemp and Marijuana in Brantford


Most people think that hemp is just another category of cannabis like Indica, Sativa, and Ruderalis. They don’t know the differences between the two, which creates confusion when they visit the website of an online weed dispensary or their local weed store. Visit any online weed dispensary, and you’ll see hemp-based and cannabis-based products. You…

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How Much Weed Should You Smoke?

Weed Smoke

When it comes to marijuana, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of how much weed to smoke. It all depends on your tolerance and what you’re using cannabis for. Some other factors affect how much weed you should smoke, such as: Intended effects (medical or recreational) Specific strain and cannabinoid profile (THC: CBD…

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What Are The Best Weed Strains For a Beginner?

Weed Strains

What are the odds that you know someone who has tried cannabis before, had a bad experience and then swore that they would never attempt it again? You may have even gone through this experience. If that is the case, you shouldn’t be worried, as it happens to many people. Most novice cannabis users have…

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How to Make CBD Cocktails Easily

CBD cocktails

It’s no surprise that CBD is also making its way into our drinks as CBD is becoming more and more prevalent in our kitchens as delicious desserts, appetizers, and more. In our experience, CBD cocktails (and mocktails) are an excellent way to wind down after a busy day. While CBD-infused alcohol and cocktail mixers are…

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These 10 Cannabis Strains Can Help Insomniacs Fall Asleep


Healthy living is all about enough sleep, exercise and diet. Sleeping for seven hours a night is the standard recommendation. However, many people have trouble sleeping. You may not have difficulty getting to sleep but staying asleep. The following ten strains of cannabis can help insomniacs get to sleep.  Getting exercise, avoiding caffeine late in…

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Drake Just Became The Co-owner of The Cannabis Brand Bullrider


A prolific rapper, singer-songwriter, and producer, Aubrey Drake Graham (“Drake”) has joined Bullrider as a strategic advisor and partner. Drake became an investor, partner, and advisor to Noah “40” Shebib, co-founder and producer of OVO. He credits Afghani Bullrider, the brand’s namesake strain, for changing the course of his life by helping him manage symptoms…

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What is Cannabis Wax, and Why Should You Try it At least once?

Cannabis Wax

Marijuana concentrates are growing rapidly in popularity, particularly because of their heightened potency. Whether you are looking for a way to enjoy yourself after work or cure any chronic pain, concentrates like cannabis wax can be an excellent option. Wax is one of the most desired cannabis concentrates because of its insane THC content, equivalent…

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10 Strains That Can Help Fight Depression


Depression often goes unnoticed, and many find it hard to talk about. Some think that they have the blues, and others don’t have the courage to come out and share their feelings with someone. When you are depressed, it becomes harder and harder to keep it bottled in and not find some cure for it. …

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What Are The Differences Between THC Oil and CBD Oil?

THC Oil and CBD Oil

In this article, we will understand the differences between THC oil and CBD oil is. You may have heard CBD oil, and you may have also heard about cannabis oil, but sometimes people get confused about which is which? Or sometimes they think it is the same thing. You may have seen a clip online…

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What are Trichomes in Cannabis, and What do They do?

Trichomes in Cannabis

When looking for the best cannabis strain or the most effective, there are a lot of things to consider. A cannabis plant has many components, and they all have a part to play in its effects. If you have observed the cannabis plant closely, at some point in your life, you may have thought about…

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11 Stoner Movies Every Weed Enthusiast Can Enjoy

Weed Enthusiast

For those interested in watching movies related to cannabis, this is the chance to know everything about them. Here are 11 stoner movies every weed enthusiast can enjoy in their free time. Every year April 20th is celebrated as the unofficial weed day, and if you are a true stoner, you should start planning your…

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Here’s What to do About the Kief Stuck in Your Weed Grinder

Weed Grinder

Whether it’s your last bit of peanut butter or the stubborn remaining laundry soap, getting them out is a real pain. The same happens when you grind your herb. Here is what to do about the kief stuck in your weed grinder. Your delicious kief should never fall out. Unfortunately, it lodges between the teeth…

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All You Need to Know About Cannabis Kief

Cannabis Kief

Kief is a term used to describe the crystal-like formation on the tips of trichomes with a bit of frosted appearance. The tip of trichomes is where the highest grade of THC is stored. These trichomes are there, so no herbivore tries to eat the whole plant. It is like a self-defence mechanism of plants…

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