Weed DeliverySour Diesel (THC 28%)


Sour Diesel (THC 28%)


Sour Diesel is an 80% Sativa dominant strain. Since the major portion of the strain is taken by Sativa, you get only 20% Indica to call this strain a Hybrid strain of Cannabis. Cannabis lovers enjoy Sour Diesel because of its highly euphoric effects. It is a highly popular strain that gains. Eventually, two groups were formed, one of which claimed that Sour Diesel is a product of only Chemdawg and Northern Lights. At the same time, the other group says that there is Skunk#1 as well in this strain which gives it the chemical-like smell. So far, we know that the strain is a potent one, with THC levels reported at around 25%.

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Product Information

Detailed Product Information

It has a mostly Sativa head high with some subtle physical induce relaxation, making it popular among recreational and medical users alike.

Effects of Sour Diesel:

Since the strain is heavily Sativa leaned, you can expect a warm and pleasant rush of head high. You will feel a noticeable uplifting of your mood when you are under the influence of Sour Diesel. It creates synaptic activity in the brain and is a really good stimulant for your brain cells. The more you focus on the surroundings, the more you can enjoy the effects of this strain. Sour Diesel will give you increased perceptiveness that will let you enjoy and appreciate random things around you. You can even become quite social and chatty after consuming the Sour Diesel strain.

Sour Diesel Appearance, Aroma, and Flavours:

Sour Diesel has pretty round buds with pale yellow and green leaves. Then there are red and orange pistils that give the strain’s appearance a beautiful touch. There is a full coating of trichomes as you break apart the nugget-like buds of Sour Diesel. The overpowering smell of the diesel, gasoline, chemical, or whatever you like to call it can be smelt from quite a distance when this strain is burned. And of course, the flavour is of Gassy, Diesel like stuff that can even make you cough when you exhale.

Medical uses of Sour Diesel:

The strain works best for the daytime as it may keep you up for several hours. Sour Diesel has strong potency for fighting many types of stress disorders. It also increases focus, perceptiveness and gives you mental clarity after your high wears off.


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