Black Jack (THC 20%)


There are two strains that go by the name Black Jack. One of the strains was produced by Sweet Seeds, and the other was created by Nirvana Seeds. Both of the strains have very close similarities in their aroma, appearance, flavour, and, most importantly, the effects. The strain is obtained after the cross-breeding of Black Domina and Jack Herer. It is a 70% Indica dominant hybrid strain that has potent THC levels. The THC level for this strain falls in the higher ranges that reach up to 25%.

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Effects of Black Jack:

This is an Indica dominant strain, but yet you will have good control over your body throughout your high. Black Jack has a decent balance in effects when it comes to body high and cerebral activity. It induces deep relaxing vibes into the consumer’s body while also keeping them focused and motivated. Then, the effects start to develop into euphoric and pleasant while you can feel your mood uplifted. In the beginning, it gives you a buzz like you will become immobilized, but then the Sativa takes charge and keeps you going.

Black Jack Appearance, Aroma, and Flavors:

You will get to see smaller pop-corn sized buds with pale green leaves. Then there are orange pistils covered with the trichomes, which gives an overall beautiful appearance to the Black Jack’s flower. You can tell about its resin richness by the way it feels so sticky in your hands. Black Jack buds are hard to break apart, and their stickiness tells a lot about their viability for the THC concentrates and other extracts. It has an aroma that blends pine and wood smells together and a slight touch of floral fragrance. The strain gives a sweet and creamy flavour on the exhale.

Medical uses of Black Jack:

Black Jack has the tendency to relax your body on a deeper level. It thus can reduce several types of body pains and ailments. It also helps recover from anxiety, depression, and sometimes stress disorders.

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