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Being one of the most popular, legendary strains out there, OG Kush has its name and fame worldwide. OG Kush is a 55% Sativa dominant strain. There are conflicts between its actual name; some say it is “Original Gangster” while others believe it is “Ocean Grown.” One thing that is certain about OG Kush is its potent THC levels that have been constantly in the range of 20 to 25%.

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Effects of OG Kush AAA

The high of OG Kush takes place mainly in the mind while slightly affecting the body. Sativa dominance brings a strong Euphoric feeling that is carefully balanced with a deep relaxation. The perceptiveness becomes intensified, and the user is left with an overwhelming appreciation for the normal surroundings. The mind rushes towards a great focus as soon as the OG Kush’s THC starts to absorb in the bloodstream. It stimulates the mental activity to such an extent that the user wants to get up, go out of the house, and meet some friends to have a long chat. Unlike other strains, OG Kush energizes you and makes you a friendly and social person. 

OG Kush Appearance, Aroma, and Flavour

OG Kush is recognized for its nugget-like buds that appear in medium to large sizes. Leaves are a pale green (yellowish-green) colour with accents of purple. The pistils seem vibrant orange with shining white trichomes that give it a sticky feel when touched. The buds of OG Kush are thick and need to be ground well before getting ready to roll. 

A drag of this strain brings out pine’s aroma but at the cost of cough inducing exhale. A sweet flavour of hash can be felt throughout the smoking experience, and the spicy taste adds up with few more puffs. 

Medical Uses of OG Kush

  • OG Kush is proven to stimulate mental activity that increases the focus and helps cope with Attention Deficit Hyper Disorder. 
  • The strain also holds a record for relieving headaches and migraines. 
  • Higher doses of this strain can cause the user to feel paranoid and disoriented.


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