King Kush (THC 19%)


King Kush is a 90% Indica dominant strain. Since the major portion of the strain is taken by Indica, you get only 10% Sativa to call this strain a Hybrid strain of Cannabis. Cannabis lovers enjoy King Kush because of its heavy sedating effects. The strain came into existence after the successful cross-breeding of the very famous OG Kush and Grape Ape. King Kush usually comes with potent THC levels reaching up to 27% in some carefully grown plants.

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Effects of King Kush:

Get ready to become the king of laziness with the King Kush strain. Once you consume King Kush, you can kiss all your worldly worries goodbye. It takes the body high to the next level by inducing deep relaxation and tranquillity in your limbs. You feel like you are going down and down under the earth once you get high on King Kush. It has an amazing combination of euphoria and relaxation. Just when you think you will never be able to get up again, the Sativa takes you up by charging you with the unexpected euphoria.

King Kush Appearance, Aroma, and Flavour:

With a flowering time of nine weeks, you will get to see beautiful hues of purple and blue if you are growing it yourself. Once you get a ripe strain in your hands, you will identify it with its prominent trichomes that also suggest the quality of terpenes in the strain. The aroma is similar to the tangy grapes mixed with a little bit of lavender. This aroma also has a heavy influence on the flavour of King Kush, and thus it tastes a bit tangy when you exhale.

Medical Benefits of Using King Kush:

The best use of this strain is for insomnia as it is a heavy Indica strain. Other medical uses of King Kush include relief from inflammation, pains, and ailments.

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