Weed DeliveryGirl Scout Cookies 4A (THC 19% )


Girl Scout Cookies 4A (THC 19% )


Girl Scout Cookies are one of the most controversial strains. It first came into existence when two potent strains were cross-bred, namely OG Kush and Durban Poison. It is an award-winning Indica dominant strain – meaning a lot of relaxing vibes fused with euphoria. The GSC strain is also considered to be the landrace of San Francisco claimed by Gilbert Millam Jr. (A native of San Francisco, a magnate, and a rapper). Gilbert had a nickname, Berner, and at that time, this strain was also referred to as Berner’s cookies. The THC level in this strain is quite high, reaching up to 28%.

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Effects of Girl Scout Cookies

The high from this strain begins with a sudden wave of euphoria and hits you right where you want it to. It gives you instant pleasure clouded with a relaxing tremor. You will get locked to your couch (if smoking indoors) and immediately want to eat everything around you. An intense craving for munchies indicates this Indica dominant strain’s potency that boosts the appetite. Some people even have reported memories of wandering around in outer space under the influence of GSC strain. Many have reported feeling extra creative but hung enough to not even get up to drink a glass of water. Well, this is what we call a captivating high, and this is why stoners love it.

GSC Appearance, Aroma, and Flavor:

A beautiful fusion of visually pleasing colour duo – Purple ting with light green buds will take your breath away. And to mesmerize you more, the sweet and earthy aroma will take you on a feel trip – the feeling of bliss. Because once these beautiful buds have made it into someone’s hands, they in their right mind would not delay smoking it up. The sweetness in aroma intensifies as the buds are crumbled, crushed, or are getting ready to be rolled. Once rolled up, ready to smoke, the smoke will be smooth and sweet.

Medical Uses Of GSC:

As for medical aid, this strain is really helpful in muscle tension, stress disorders, chronic pain, and inflammation.

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