Weed DeliveryTuna Kush (BC) (THC 17%)

Tuna Kush (BC) (THC 17%)


The origin of Tuna Kush, along with its breeder information and everything, is unknown to the common public. No one has the exact idea of the strain’s parent strains or any other composition details. Still, there are many lovers of Tuna Kush in Canada and America. The facts that we know about Tuna Kush are that it’s 70% Indica dominant with THC levels of 17%.

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Product Information

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Tuna Kush Appearance Aroma, & Flavour

The leaves of the Tuna Kush strain are mint green with darker accents on the underside of the leaves. The orange hairs peek out of the well-rounded and compact nug of Tuna Kush. It is recommended to take off the extra leafy part from the bud if it’s organic because otherwise, it covers the whole taste behind a herby or leafy taste. In the case of synthetic (which is usual), it is safe to give some crush and then pack into a nice and clean joint. In the case of organic strain, the aroma will be earthy. If produced commercially to fulfill a mass demand, it is usually associated with a strong skunky odour.

Tuna Kush Effects

There is a high price for smoking this strain, and that is the intense smell—the smell of rotten Tuna. But only a Tuna Kush admirer can tell you why they bear with it after all. It’s all the effects that make you bear the stench. Once a consumer figures out how to get that stench out of their system after smoking the strain, the fun part begins for them. The rich amount of Indica makes this strain heavy for the body. You will feel the numbness and depth in your body parts while you will be feeling extremely relaxed.

Medical Uses of Tuna Kush

Tuna Kush helps to relieve many ailments and body pains. It also helps those who have insomnia by inducing a relaxed sleep. Tuna Kush is also known for its increased perceptiveness tendencies.

Product Information

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