THC Olive Oil 236ml (Cooking Oil)


Making cannabis-infused olive oil is not difficult because you can find loads of recipes online to make your own. But the problem is that you are not a cannabis expert and do not know the exact ratio with the right THC potency. No worries! You do not need to look for a well-balanced cannabis oil anywhere else. The impeccably balanced and potent THC Olive Oil (236ml) (Cooking Oil) can help you enjoy cannabis edibles. How? Because it is well-infused with your beloved cannabis flower.

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Why THC Olive Oil?

Because of the 236ml quantity of this oil, you can use this cannabis-infused oil for several edibles. For example, you can cook your dinner using this oil and relish cannabis edibles the way you like. Or you can use it for the dressing of your salad or making it fir for some veggies. Or you can make your breakfast using this suitable cooking oil. In other words, you can make your regular food a THC edible with this THC olive to enjoy the ultimate high.

Effects of THC Olive Oil

As soon as you ground a cannabis flower and infuse it with this oil, it becomes a dose like a THC edible. Its effects are similar to many other edibles. You can infuse this THC olive oil with a Sativa-dominant or an Indica-dominant strain as per your liking. It has a THC, so you can expect a long-lasting high once you mix your cannabis-infused oil with food. You may remain buzzed for as long as you want to have this premium 236ml THC olive oil with you.

Medical Uses of THC Olive Oil

  • This THC-infused olive can help you get relief from anxiety or some stress disorders.
  • It is a great option for alleviating muscle pains or other body ailments.
  • It can help you fall asleep comfortably, and it can increase your appetite.