Hilltop Farms – Hydro Bars PREMIUM THC CHOCOLATE (500mg)


A perfect edible to satisfy your flavorful needs for cannabis, with its controllable intake, won’t ever disappoint you. Hilltop Farms – Hydro Bars PREMIUM THC CHOCOLATE (500mg) is a sweet and creamy treat, that is, cannabis-infused at its centre, making it a perfect treat. Our Hydro Bar is loaded with 500mg THC. From a single segment of these THC chocolate bars, you will get 125mg of THC.

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Product Information

Detailed Product Information

Hydro Bars Appearance and Flavor:

Hydro Bars come in delicious flavours, available in Almond, Peanut Butter, and Cookies & Cream. Moreover, these chocolate bars are one of the best options to consume edibles. Of course, it would help if you practiced caution while consuming these bars, as these are very tempting. Plus, if you want a moderate THC dose, Hilltop Farms – Hydro Bars Premium THC Chocolate allows you a perfect cannabis intake.

Note: Do not forget that these chocolate bars are not for children or pets. Plus, do not consume these bars when you drive any vehicle.

This is a powerful edible, made on the structure of normal sweet chocolates. Hydro bar chocolate can be easily portioned according to your desire. Realize your maximum limit of being heady and stay within it. Hilltop Farms has got everyone’s attention currently with its new production of THC chocolate bars. 

Hydro Bars Effects:

These chocolate bars let you experience different kinds of feelings after consumption. First, you will experience cerebral and pain-relieving effects during the high. Then, once the high begins to control your body, you will feel relaxed and go into a state of extreme calmness. Finally, you will fall into a deep sleep consuming these chocolate bars. Hydro Bars is a desirable treat for marijuana users and worth a try. In simple words, you will feel calm, relaxed, and go to sleep due to the potent effects of these chocolate bars.

Hydro Bars Medical Benefits:

There are various benefits of Hydro Bars, mentioned below:

  • These bars can aid you in falling asleep if you find it hard to sleep.
  • These chocolate bars can help you fight anxiety.
  • These bars can help you in alleviating pains.

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