Distillate (1ML)


Distillate 1ml is our translucent fluid oil without any waxes or other undesirable compounds from the cannabis plant. Our THC distillate is beloved by the cannabis community owing to its potency and versatility. It is the purest form of distillate with almost pure THC concentrate and looks thick. Our distillate is produced through a careful extraction process with the removal of unwanted plant matter. Thus, it is impurities-free.

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Product Information

Detailed Product Information

Why Should You Consider Buying Our Distillate 1ml?

In the first place, our golden concentrate is made with advanced technology and a thorough extraction plus an extensive refinement process to make it impurities-free. It is a potent THC distillate; thus, consuming it through any of your preferred methods will help you feel its effects. This distillate is produced by separating unwanted compounds from cannabis users’ favourite plant matter to help them enjoy consuming this distillate with full benefits. Moreover, our golden cannabis concentrate is multipurpose for consumption.

How Can You Consume Our Distillate Discreetly:

The reason for this is its purity. It has no odour and no flavour, which makes it an ideal concentrate to consume discreetly.

Ways You Can Consume Our Distillate 1ml:

Only one or two drops of this distillate will help you feel its effects through different consumption methods. For example, you can take it orally under the tongue, vape it, dab it, and mix it in your favourite cannabis edibles to consume it. But do not forget that it is extremely thick oil in a glass syringe, so you have to warm it up before use.

Distillate Effects:

You will feel the effects of this distillate in no time. Because of the active THC present in our Distillate 1ml, you will feel extremely quick results.

Distillate Medical Benefits:

THC distillates like this help medical marijuana patients fighting spinal injuries, Chrohn’s disease, or cancer. Plus, it helps you disgesting food during illness.

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