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Diamonds (Leaf Extracts)


Diamonds (Leaf Extracts) is a kind of concentrate produced by extracting the best and much-loved part of cannabis flowers. It has essentially two variants; Wedding Cake and Chocolate Thai. These two variants are the cannabis hybrid strains used widely in Canada, and their extract is available as Diamonds. This extract aids you in relishing your beloved cannabis strain in the cleanest form. In addition, this concentrate tends to have more strength than other forms of cannabis products. Diamonds is THC and CBD-rich, meaning you can expect relaxation and ecstasy combined with an increased appetite from this concentrate.

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Ways of Using Diamonds (Leaf Extracts)

Every cannabis lover likes marijuana and enjoys it in different ways. Diamonds (Leaf Extracts) can also be consumed in a variety of ways, mentioned below:

1. Vaping: Vaping has become a trend to consume cannabis extracts owing to the uniqueness and comfort it offers for marijuana consumption. You can utilize a vape pen and heat diamonds until vaporized and ready to get inhaled.

2. Mixing with Your Cannabis Flower: Another way to consume Diamonds is to mix the concentrate with your favourite cannabis flower when rolling a joint; it will also aid you in enhancing the strength of your cannabis strain. You can also add your concentrate on the outside of a joint and enjoy Diamonds.

3. Dabbing: Consuming Diamonds via a dab rig is also an option, but you should only consume it this way if you are a pro at using dab rigs, which steady hands can only deal with. Once you dab the extract successfully, it becomes more potent than the other vaporizing methods.

Medical uses of Diamonds (Leaf Extracts)

It does not matter how you may consume this highly demanding extract; this concentrate has a proven track record of treating nausea, anxiety, depression/stress disorders, low appetite, and chronic pains.


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